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AuthorHere at The Maxwell Group, I have been writing and sharing information about the RV lifestyle for many years. With more than two decades of living full time in my RV and no end in sight, I am now sharing this practical information in an electronic format known as an eBook as well as in printed form.

The last 26 years (11 years solo) full-timing in my RV produced 11 books focused on the RV lifestyle. If this lifestyle is interesting to you, everything you need to learn is found in one of these books. My latest eBook, For Women Only: RV Lifestyle Collection 1, combines 3 of my areas of expertise, traveling solo, maintenance and saving money, into one volume. Now you have all the information in one easy to read eBook.

In the last couple of years, my writing has expanded into other life fields that I hope will solve problems or add insight into your everyday experiences, such as investing, resolving small estate issues, understanding the human condition, selling your home, and even how to take amazing photos with your point & shoot camera.

Look for my lifestyle articles in the Escapee's Magazine, and numerous national websites that focus on enhancing your RV lifestyle. Enjoy my podcasts too!

Check your local library and resort schedules to see if I am conducting one of my popular Writing and Publishing Books for Fun & Profit workshops. The complete workshop is available as an eBook.


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